On Wednesday 13th July 2016 David Cameron resigned as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, more than a year after he was elected with a majority government. Over his tenure, GovTracker took all of the promises his party made before the 2015 election and evaluated whether they were pending, complete or broken. What you see below are the statuses of all these promises on the final day of his premiership. We think that the best way to start judging his tenure, is by comparing what he set out to do with what he actually achieved one and a bit years into his five year plan.

39% Complete 54% Pending 7% Broken

Promise Category Status More
Keep major national museums and galleries free to enter Culture Broken
Warn internet users when they are breaching copyright Culture Broken
Support plans to develop a world-class concert hall for London. Culture Completed
Deliver a Comprehensive review of the BBC Royal Charter Culture Completed
Introduce a Tax Credit for Children's television in 2016 Culture Completed
Continue to support elite sports funding as part of the 'Olympic legacy' Culture Completed
Deliver Rugby World Cup 2015 Culture Completed
Support a "Great Exhibition" in the North Culture Completed
Back plans for a new theatre, "The Factory", in Manchester Culture Completed
Continue to support essential roof repairs for Cathedrals, Churches, and other places of worship. Culture Completed (Maintaining)
Continue to offer tax incentives for films, theatre, video games, animation and orchestras, and expand them where possible Culture Completed (Maintaining)
Protect intellectual property by continuing to require internet service providers to block sites that carry large amounts of illegal content, including their proxies Culture Completed (Maintaining)
Freeze the BBC licence fee, pending charter renewal in 2017 Culture Completed (Maintaining)
Set challenging targets for Visit Britain and Visit England to ensure more visitors travel outside of London Culture Completed
Deliver World Athletics Championship in 2017 Culture Pending
Deliver IPC World Championships in 2017 Culture Pending
Deliver Cricket World Cup in 2019 Culture Pending
Lift the number of women on national Sport Governing Bodies to at least 25% by 2017 Culture Pending
Help the Manchester Museum establish a new India Gallery. Culture Pending
Provide free Wi-Fi in public libraries. Culture Completed
Conduct a major review into business rates by the end of 2015 Economic Broken
Set a higher and permanent level for Annual Investment Allowance Economic Completed
Abolish National Insurance employer contributions for apprentices under 25 Economic Completed
Introduce a new Help to Buy ISA from Autumn 2015 Economic Completed
Create a new London Land Commission Economic Completed
Keep the bank levy in place Economic Completed (Maintaining)
Continue Employment allowance to free businesses from the first £2,000 of National Insurance contributions Economic Completed (Maintaining)
Will not raise VAT, National insurance contributions or Income tax Economic Completed (Maintaining)
Run a surplus by 2019/20 Economic Broken
Finish the process of ring-fencing banks Economic Pending
Create 2 million new jobs by 2020 Economic Pending
Replace job seekers allowance for 18-21 year olds with a youth allowance Economic Pending
Establish a new Small Business Conciliation service to mediate payment disputes Economic Pending
Make permanent the Office of Tax Simplification Economic Completed
Half the disability employment gap by 2020 Economic Pending
Treble Start up loans programme to at least 75,000 users by 2020 Economic Pending
Lower the amount of benefits that any household can receive to £23,000 in London and £20,000 outside of London Economic Pending
Deliver Universal Credit to simplify in work benefits Economic Pending
Take everyone earning less than £12,500 out of income tax Economic Pending
Raise the 40% Income Tax threshold to £50,000 Economic Pending
Increase the Inheritance Tax zero tax threshold per couple to £1 million by 2020 Economic Pending
Find £13 bn from departmental savings by 2020 Economic Pending
Find £12 bn from welfare savings 2020 Economic Pending
Find £5 bn from tackling tax evasion 2020 Economic Pending
Build new affordable homes, including 200,000 starter homes Economic Pending
Extend Help to Buy Equity Loan scheme and cover another 120,000 homes Economic Pending
Extend the Right to Buy to Housing Association tenants Economic Completed
Continue the Help to Buy mortgage guarantee until the start of 2017 Economic Pending
Continue the Help to Buy equity loan until at least 2020 Economic Pending
Deliver 275,000 additional "affordable" homes by 2020 Economic Pending
Offer 10,000 new homes to rent at below market rates [By the end of parliament] Economic Pending
Create a Brownfield Fund to unlock homes on brownfield land for additional housing Economic Completed
Ensure 90% of [available] suitable brownfield sites have planning permission for housing by 2020 Economic Pending
Fund Housing Zones to create 95,000 new homes Economic Pending
Take forward a new Right to Build, requiring councils to allocate land to local people to build or commission their own home Economic Pending
At least double the number of custom-built and self-built homes per year by 2020 Economic Pending
Continue to provide free school lunches to all infants Education Broken
Make sure all primary schoolchildren have a minimum of 2 hours high-class sport and PE each week [by 2020] Education Pending
Expand the National Leaders of Education programme. Education Completed
Abolish the cap on higher education student numbers Education Completed
Introduce a national postgraduate loan system for taught masters and PhD courses Education Completed
Increase the number of cadet units in schools Education Completed
Continue to provide the pupil premium Education Completed (Maintaining)
Support primary school sport with £150 million a year paid directly to headteachers until 2020 Education Completed (Maintaining)
Create 3 million new apprenticeships by 2020 Education Pending
"Guarantee your child a place on the National Citizen Service" Education Pending
Introduce tougher standards for literacy and numeracy in primary schools. Education Pending
Require secondary school pupils to take core GCSEs Education Pending
Invest at least £7 billion over the next Parliament to provide good school places. Education Pending
Open at least 500 further free schools by 2020 Education Pending
Any school judged by Ofsted to be requiring improvement will be taken over by new headteachers Education Completed
Increase the number of teachers able to teach Mandarin in English schools Education Completed
Create an independent College of Teaching Education Pending
Train an extra 17,500 maths and physics teachers over the next five years Education Pending
Turn every failing and coasting secondary school into an academy Education Pending
Maintain national protections for Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, National Parks, Sites of Special Scientific interest and other environmental designations Environment Broken
Review the case for increased fines for littering Environment Completed
Launch a programme of pocket parks (small green spaces in urban areas) Environment Completed
Protect the Green Belt Environment Completed (Maintaining)
Continue the Natural Capital Committee Environment Completed (Maintaining)
Ensure public forest and woodland kept in trust for the nation Environment Completed (Maintaining)
Plant another 11 million trees by 2020 Environment Pending
Provide free maps of all open-access green space Environment Pending
Build 1,400 new flood defence schemes to protect 300,000 homes Environment Pending
Invest £300 million in cutting light pollution from new roads Environment Pending
Replace locally any biodiversity lost from HS2 Environment Pending
Develop a 25 Year Plan to restore the UK Environment Pending
Ensure all at-risk species of fish will be fished sustainably by the end of this parliament Environment Pending
Spend £3 billion from the Common Agricultural policy within 2015-20 on countryside Environment Pending
Seek agreement on a comprehensive package of party funding reform Government Completed
Make recruitment for the civil service more open and actively look for exceptional talent Government Completed
Move more services online, while actively tackling digital exclusion Government Completed
Roll out cross-government technology platforms to cut costs and improve productivity Government Completed
Introduce English votes for English laws Government Completed
In/out referendum on EU membership by the end of 2017 Government Completed
Continue to sell unneeded government property and co-locate services where possible Government Completed (Maintaining)
Keep First Past the Post for elections to the Commons Government Completed (Maintaining)
Devolve powers and budgets to Greater Manchester so that they can directly elect a mayor Government Completed
Will offer explicit protection for the role of journalists via the British bill of rights. Government Pending
£10 billion of efficiency savings by 2017-18 and a further £15-20 billion in 2019-20 Government Pending
Continue to shrink the civil service to point where it is dynamic and streamlined Government Pending
End taxpayer-funded 6 figure payoffs for the best paid public sector workers Government Pending
Implement the boundary reforms that parliament has already approved and make them apply automatically once the boundary commission reports in 2018 Government Pending
Introduce votes for life, scrapping the rule that bars British citizens who have lived abroad for more than 15 years from voting Government Pending
Allow councils to keep a higher proportion of the business rates generated in their area Government Pending
Give local councils at least 10% stake in public sector land sales in their area Government Pending
Continue to invest in the Cancer Drugs Fund Healthcare Completed (Maintaining)
Continue to invest more in primary care. Healthcare Completed (Maintaining)
Access to a GP from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week by 2020 Healthcare Pending
Increase NHS spending in England in real terms by a minimum of £8 billion by 2020 Healthcare Pending
Guarantee same-day GP appointments for all over 75s Healthcare Pending
Train 5000 new GPs by 2020 Healthcare Pending
Implement the recommendations of the Francis inquiry into the Stafford Hospital scandal Healthcare Broken
Ensure you can access full information about the safety record of your hospital Healthcare Pending
Give you full access to your own electronic health records Healthcare Completed
Undertake a review into how best to support those suffering from long-term yet treatable conditions back in to work Healthcare Pending
Implement a national, evidence-based diabetes prevention programme Healthcare Pending
Start and implement the findings of an Innovative Medicines and Medical Technology Review. Healthcare Pending
Give everyone who is diagnosed with dementia a meaningful care plan to support them and their family by 2020 Healthcare Pending
Guarantee that you will not have to sell your home to fund your residential social care Healthcare Pending
Negotiate with EU so that immigrants will have to be earning here for 4 years before they can claim benefits Immigration Broken
If an EU migrant's child is living abroad, then they should receive no child benefit or child tax credit Immigration Broken
Negotiate with the EU to introduce stronger powers to deal with criminals Immigration Completed
Toughen requirements for non-EU spouses to join EU citizens Immigration Completed
Maintain cap of skilled economic migration from outside the EU at 20,700 Immigration Completed (Maintaining)
Reduce annual net immigration to tens of thousands by 2020 Immigration Pending
Introduce targeted sanctions for those colleges or businesses that fail to ensure that migrants comply with the terms of their visa. Immigration Completed
Further the "Deport first appeal late" rule Immigration Completed
Introduce satellite tracking for every foreign national offender subject to an outstanding deportation order. Immigration Completed
Implement the requirement for all landlords to check the immigration status of their tenants. Immigration Completed
Recover up to £500 million from migrants who use the NHS by the middle of Parliament Immigration Pending
Introduce a new Controlling Migration Fund for further investment in migration control Immigration Pending
Legislate to ensure that every public sector worker operating in a customer-facing role must speak fluent English Immigration Completed
Require those regularly utilising the Shortage Occupation List to provide long-term plans for training British workers. Immigration Pending
Require those coming to Britain on a family visa with only basic English to do new language tests for those seeking a visa extension. Immigration Pending
Back scientific and technical strengths in the North by creating new institutions Infrastructure Completed
Keep Commuter rail fares frozen in inflation adjusted terms Infrastructure Completed (Maintaining)
Continue to "top-slice" the licence fee for digital infrastructure to support superfast broadband across the country. Infrastructure Completed (Maintaining)
Invest £100bn in infrastructure overall by 2020 Infrastructure Pending
Invest £15bn in roads by end of 2019 Infrastructure Pending
Invest £13bn in transport for the north 2020 Infrastructure Pending
Increase voice and SMS coverage to 90% of UK by 2017 Infrastructure Pending
Improve infrastructure connections in order to back new jobs in the South West Infrastructure Pending
Upgrade Midlands infrastructure and substantially increase investment Infrastructure Pending
Properly connect the East of England Infrastructure Pending
"Roll out" HS2 Infrastructure Pending
"Roll out" HS3 Infrastructure Pending
Build a tunnel where the A303 passes closest to Stonehenge to protect the site. Infrastructure Pending
Increase superfast broadband coverage to 95% of UK by 2017 Infrastructure Pending
Consult on the introduction of a business rates relief for local newspapers in England in order to support these Newspapers Other Completed
Secure the future of 3000 rural post offices Other Completed
Create a Great British Food Unit to promote local foods around the world Other Completed
Simplify and speed up visa issuance for tourists Other Pending
Require companies with more than 250 employees to publish the difference between the average pay of their male and female employees Other Pending
Invest £6.9 bn into science until 2021 Other Pending
Set out a 25 year plan to increase the circulation of British food Other Pending
Co-ordinate Farming regulation by Summer 2016 Other Pending
Hold a free vote on repeal of the hunting act Other Pending
Introduce a new law to pardon those with historic convictions of gross indecency Other Pending
Give those in big companies and the public sector a new workplace entitlement to Volunteering Leave for three days a year Other Pending
Introduce an age-rating for all music videos. Social Broken
Freeze working age benefits for two years from April 2016, Social Completed
Give 30 hours of free childcare to working parents of young children Social Completed
Continue to invest £7.5million a year in relationship support Social Completed (Maintaining)
Will not introduce regional pay into the public sector Social Completed (Maintaining)
Guarantee right to mutualise within the public sector Social Pending
Will amend strike action legislation so that strikes must have more support before they are considered legal Social Completed
Introduce tougher Day One Work Requirements for young people claiming out of work benefits Social Pending
Repeal strike action restrictions banning employers from hiring agency staff to cover during strikes Social Pending
Legislate to ensure trade-unions always use an opt in process for subscriptions Social Completed
Introduce a minimum wage of at least £8 by 2020 Social Pending
Start to require age verification for access to all sites containing pornographic material Social Pending
Introduce regional adoption agencies, working across local authority boundaries Social Completed
Child tax credit will not fall Social Broken
"We will cap charges for residential social care from April 2016" Social Broken