Introduce the a new Mental Health Bill: Pending
The new bill will tackle issues including: the difficulty of attaining a discahrge if given a community treatment order, whether section is used as a treatment or detainment, when and how much data is given to parents who for example can be the last to learn that their son or daughter has been sectioned. The overall thrust of the Bill will be to put mental health on parity with physical health.

The Governement included the prospect of a new Mental Health Bill in the Queen's speech. Further details are found on page 56. There was also a debate in July 2017 in which Sarah Newton, Conservative MP, mentioned that the Mental Health Act was still in the governemnt plans but they were awaiting certian datasets and consultation before introducing a bill. Theresa May reinstated this promise at the 2017 Conservative Conference, announcing a review by Sir Simon Wessely into the old Mental Health Act. This independent review will most likely heavily inform the new bill.

Category: Public Services
Source: Manifesto - Page 57
Reference 1: Queen's speech
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