About Us

The Problem:

Increasingly, UK citizens are losing faith in politics. The biggest reason for this is seemingly empty promises. All the time we see articles claiming the government has broken some promise or preformed another U-turn.

This left us with all sorts of questions: Has the government completed promises too? How do we know whether these reports have no vested interests? How can anyone keep faith in politics whilst there are such confusing pile of conflicting views on the government's progress?

The Solution:

We feel that as citizens of the UK it is our duty to hold the government to account not only at the time of election, but in-between those elections too. One way to do that, is to examine whether the government has indeed actioned the promises it made during the election campaign.

GovTracker serves just that purpose. GovTracker is an easily accessible and usable site that lets citizens see whether their government is actually doing what it promised. We are non-partisan and have made sure that the status of a particular promise is solely based on evidence - mostly official government documents but also some news articles or anything that everyone will agree is concrete evidence of what is being done.

It is only fair to give mention to the fantastic website TrudeauMetre that tracks the promises of the new Canadian government: www.trudeaumetre.ca. This website hugely inspired the creation of GovTracker.

Who are we?

This website was founded in the lunch queue by a few students on empty stomachs. GovTracker is the product of a simple idea combined with a lot of hard work by the four creators below. If you have an idea for the website or a powerful idea yourself, do not be afraid to contact us, we were once in the same boat as you.

Adam Feldman

Half-Scottish, but looks curiously Mediterranean. Owns an impressive vinyl collection, taking a gap year and definitely tries too hard to be indie. Compiler of promises and long-winded philosophical justifications for GovTracker.

Jordan Urban

Founded GovTracker, and continues to edit the site. Believes in the importance of government accountability in a democracy. Friends constantly tell him that he has the worst taste in music, but unsurprisingly he disagrees, because Future House is the best genre.

Ben Harris

Student at Oxford University. Believer in free information and lover of technology. Loves a good debate. Founder of GovTracker and promise compiler.

Rishi Hindocha

Aspiring computer science student. Website and systems developer for GovTracker.